Inquality and the Future of Global History: A Round Table Discussion

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Julia McClure
Amitava Chowdhury
Sarah Easterby-Smith
Norberto Ferreras
Omar Gueye
Meha Priyadarshini
Steven Serels
Jelmer Vos


The following is an edited transcript of a roundtable that took place at the University of Glasgow in September 2018. The roundtable was organized by Dr. Julia McClure in conjunction with the Poverty Research Network’s conference - Beyond Development: The Local Visions of Global Poverty. That conference brought into focus the ways in which the global and local levels meet at the site of poverty and highlighted the different conceptions on the global are generated from the perspective of poverty. The roundtable brought together leading scholars from Europe, Africa, Asia and North and South America to take stock of global history as a field, to consider the role of existing centres of knowledge production, and to assess new directions for the field.

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